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Technical College Al-Mussaib referred to foundation of technical education which was established in 1998, in order to satisfy the need for unavailable important specialization in the other Iraqi universities.

The objective of this college is to prepare advance technical aspect in the level of technical B.S.c qualifies scientific and technically to deal with modern technology, in addition to that, the development of MSc degree in order to following the scientific progress.

Scientific departments

1.   Pumping Engineering Technology Dept.

2.   Mechanical and Equipment Engineering Technology Dept.

3.   Electrical Power Engineering Technology Dept.

4.   Building and Construction Dept.

5.   Soil and Water Management Dept.

6.   Biological Control Technology Dept.

7.   Plant Production Technology Dept.

8.   Animal Production Technology Dept.

Center units and Offices

1.   Computer and Internet center

2.   Scientific and Consulting Office

3.   Corn research unit.

Qualifications for under graduate

1.   Secondary school / scientific branch

2.   5%  out standing students of the institutes

Degree offered ( under graduate)

B.S.c in agriculture and engineering technology

Degree offered ( graduate work or study)

Graduate work was established in 2000-2001 for higher diploma in agriculture only, in 2001-2002 M. technology was established in the following branches:

1.   Plant Breeding / Ph.D.

2.   Animal Breeding / M.Sc.

3.   Plant Breeding / M.Sc.

4.   Biological Control Technology / M.Sc.


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